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Activate Power Mode

A package for Atom to replicate the effects from codeinthedark/editor.

activate-power-mode-0 4 0

Now with a COMBO MODE!!!


For a list of power mode packages to other editors, check out codeinthedark/awesome-power-mode.


With the atom package manager:

apm install activate-power-mode

Or Settings ➔ Packages ➔ Search for activate-power-mode


  • Activate with Ctrl-Alt-O or through the command panel with Activate Power Mode: Toggle. Use the command again to deactivate.

IMPORTANT: When Combo Mode is enabled, particles and other effects won't appear until you reach the activation threshold.

  • Reset the max combo streak with the command Activate Power Mode: Reset Max Combo


Auto Toggle

Auto enable power mode on atom start.

Combo Mode

  • Enable/Disable

When enabled effects won't appear until reach the activation threshold.

  • Activation Threshold
  • Streak Timeout
  • Exclamation Every
  • Exclamation Texts

Screen Shake

  • Enable/Disable
  • Intensity

Play Audio

  • Enable/Disable
  • Volume
  • Audioclip (Gun, Typewriter, Custom)


  • Enable/Disable
  • Colour

With this option you can select if use the color at cursor position, random colors or a fixed one.

  • Total Count
  • Spawn Count
  • Size

Excluded File Types

  • Array of file types to exclude


Here you can Enable/Disable the registered plugins.


You can extend the basic functionality of this package by consuming the activate-power-mode service, with this you can register your own plugins, flows and canvas effects.

Check it out in the wiki.

If you only want to change the input logic, see the user file flow page.