Transmitter for the Freestyle Libre FGM system
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Transmitter for the Freestyle Libre FGM system

With the LimiTTer you are able to transform the Freestyle Libre FGM system into a real Continous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS). That means that you don't have to manually scan the sensor with the reader. The LimiTTer does this for you - every 5 minutes. It sends the glucose value to your smartphone which must have the xDrip app installed. xDrip is really a great and matured app for Android. It can send the glucose values to your smartwatch or via Nightscout into the cloud. The most important feature is to having a night guard. xDrip+ is an improved version of xDrip and now the default app for the LimiTTer. You will find it here:

Click on "Download latest APK" or choose the "Nightly Snapshots" for the very latest ones.

Please note, that LimiTTer is NOT maintained by Abbott. It is a experimental DIY project. You will built your own individual LimiTTer. So you are responsible yourself for what you have built. I have opened this project here because it's a invitation for all developers out there to improve the LimiTTer.

Feel free and join our chatroom here: Gitter