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52 Week Money Challenge

With a few twists

This app is based on the 52 Week Money Challenge, a classic plan for easing into the practice of building up your savings. Using the classic model, you are challenged to put some money into your savings account every week: $1 in the first week, $2 in the second week, and so on. By the time you put $52 into your savings account in the 52nd week, you would have saved $1,378.

Twist #1

It's not entirely practical to work up to $52 in the final week. Life happens, and sometimes you can't really put that much money into savings. Therefore, it's better to review your financial situation every week and deposit the highest amount that you feel comfortable putting into savings. Then you can cross that number off the list, and do it again next week.

Twist #2

You may want to save more than $1,378. This app will let you create a savings plan that will recalculate the list of numbers, making it easier to reach a bigger goal than you previously thought impossible.

How you can help

As a junior level Rails developer, I'm still learning the ropes. If you feel so inclined to provide a little mentorship, please feel free to create issues that I can tackle along the way. Maybe there's some code I need to refactor. Or maybe I put a function or some logic in the wrong place, or a view would be better broken into parts.

This project is a work in progress and is still in early alpha stages.

Future features:

  • A payments page, where you can mark individual payments as completed.
  • A weekly email reminder.
  • A PDF generator, in case you would rather print out your challenge