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A Gradual Dependently Typed Language

Code accompanying "Approximate Normalization for Gradual Dependently-Typed Languages".

To install:

  • Download and unzip, or run git clone
  • Open Dr. Racket and select Install Package.. in DrRacket’s File menu.
  • Click Browse and then Directory (in the dialog that appears), and then select path/to/download/GDTL

The documentation and examples are in path/to/download/GDTL/doc/GDTL-manual/index.html. Or you can view them online.

Relevant files:

  • examples_inductive.rkt: contains the examples of Vec Nat ? from the paper, showing examples of imprecisely-typed vectors. Ther eis one that fails to typecheck, one that typechecks but throws a runtime error, and an example that succeeds at runtime.
  • examples.rkt: similar examples, but using Church-encodings. This file is pretty slow to compile and run.
  • GDTL/main.rkt: The Racket macros implementing the main syntax of the language
  • GDTL/lang_simple.rkt: The Redex model containing the bulk of the implementation of the language. This closely matches the definitions from the paper, though some parts have been hand-implemented for efficiency.
  • The Ott source used to generate the Redex model. Requires a custom fork of Ott.