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The implementation accompanying the thesis "Improving Error Messages for Dependent Types with Constraint Based Unification", by Joseph Eremondi.

This code is a mismash of three existing projects:

Notable modules include:

  • ConstraintBased, a type-checking procedure generates constraints to be solved
  • Constraint, where LambdaPi constraints and values are converted into Gundry-McBride form
  • PatternUnify.Tm, where we define a value-form Lambda Calculus
  • PatternUnify.Context, where we define the Gundry-McBride metacontext and operations on it
  • PatternUnify.Unify, where the actual Gundry-McBride algorithm is implemented
  • Top.Implementation.TypeGraph.Standard, the main type-graph implementation
  • Top.Implementation.TypeGraph.DefaultHeuristics, where we implement a few heuristics used in error generation
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