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A photograph-based social website.
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Tulips tree is one of my favourite plants whose flower was extremely attract me by its elegant. I have being using this name for my project since I was in senior-school. There are 4 tulips trees newly planted in our school when I was grade 2.

At that time, my friends and I in same group making a brochure about the plants in our school, the same as a plant map. While, it's difficult, we cannot recognize the plants very well, especially the plenty types of grass. After we can classification most of them by getting help from biology teachers, we got troubled by one more important thing. Classify and select the pictures we photographed. Most of them are too ugly to put into a book. We find that different plants need to be photographed in different time to get a best performance, which caused the project to make a brochure delay year by year.

I set up this website to help me check and classification pictures more quickly and efficiency which can also be a plants-based communication platform for my senior school. This website is based on the Grey Li's flask course which I am keeping appending and modifying functions to adapt the plants classification's needs.

Thanks to the Grey Li's flask book, I got great improve by his course. Hello, Flask! is a home of Flask tutorial, book, projects and more.

Quick start to Dev by using Docker

  • Build a docker image by using docker file
	docker build -t yourname/repo .
	docker run -p 5000:5000 -it yourname/repo
  • Then you will get into the docker environment like this when you are running on ubuntu,
	root@demo:~/tulips-tree# docker run -p 5000:5000 -it mojerro/tulips
	 * Serving Flask app "albumy" (lazy loading)
	 * Environment: development
	 * Debug mode: on
	 * Running on (Press CTRL+C to quit)
	 * Restarting with inotify reloader
	 * Debugger is active!
	 * Debugger PIN: 325-836-657 

Now, you can use username: & password: TulipsTree to login as administration.


  • i18n support
  • Update pages' appearance
  • Add plants classification system - in progress
  • Update database form structure
  • Update Dockerfile to further decrease the steps to start app
  • Migrate images from EVS(Elastic Volume Service) to OBS(Object Storage Service)
  • Register domain name
  • OA2 login from WeChat, QQ, Ali, GitHub, etc.
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