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This script basically loads all the plugins after they've been vetted by the main script.
The main script will check all plugins and put move any non-working ones into a subfolder called "plugins\disabled".
Because plugins may contain a "return", a list of #includes will not work, as it will stop after the first #include.
Berbans' method overcomes this by first doing a gosub label before including the files....
#SingleInstance Force
#ErrorStdOut ; to prevent errors annoying the users
#NoEnv ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
ini_file = %1%
if ini_file =
IniRead, Plugins, %ini_file%, Plugins, LoadList, ; collect the previously checked variable from the ini file
Loop, Parse, Plugins, |
if A_LoopField =
Gosub %A_LoopField%
#include *i %A_ScriptDir%\plugin_list.ahk
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