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Comparing NUnit & xunit
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Comparing NUnit & xunit. Each run is 10 000 tests with a trivial assert.

xunit NUnit

Total time NUnit xunit
Visual studio runner 18.4 s 42.0 s
Resharper runner 53.6 s 61.6 s
Rider 48.6 s 64 s
AppVeyor 6 min 13 s 4 min 22 s

The times in the table link to a screenrecording of the run.

How the benchmarks were run

  1. Git clean
  2. Open the editor and let it resolve references.
  3. Set Release|AnyCPU
  4. Start recording using ScreenToGif and start test run.


  • Visual Studio Enterprise 15.7.1
  • JetBrains Resharper Ultimate 2018.1
  • NUnit 3.10.1
  • NUnit 3 Test Adapter
  • xunit 2.3.1
  • Rider 2018.1
  • Intel Xeon CPU E5-2637 v4 3.50GHz, 2 CPU, 16 logical and 8 physical cores
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