Model-evaluator of Publication : "SMSnet: Semantic Motion Segmentation using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks"
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Model-evaluator of Publication : "SMSnet: Semantic Motion Segmentation using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks"



The models can be downloaded here: Models This link contains the models trained on City-Kitti-Motion using EFS and without EFS on inf range and 40m range

Test databases

The databases can be downloaded here:

Each compressed archiv includes 8 lmdb databases:


  • IMAGES_LMDB0: Labels with 20m range
  • IMAGES_LMDB1: Labels with 40m range
  • IMAGES_LMDB2: Labels with 60m range
  • LABELS_LMDB: Labels with inf range


  • IMAGES_LMDB3: Left image corresponding to label
  • IMAGES_LMDB4: Previous left image

Flow: Note: The flow is centered at 128 and scaled by 1/6.4 in order to fit into the UC1 LMDB format

  • IMAGES_LMDB5: Flow with EFS
  • IMAGES_LMDB6: Flow

Raw Annotations

The full moving car/ static car annotations for the training and validation sets can be downloaded here: Annotations


  1. Caffe
  2. CUDA
  4. HDF5

How to use

Build caffe

This repo comes with a modified version of caffe

  1. Clone repo
  2. Go into extern/modcaffe
  3. Create a build folder "mkdir build && cd build"
  4. Compile: "cmake .." then "make -j8"

SMSnet evaluator

  1. Go to repo and create build dir: "mkdir build && mkdir datasets && mkdir models"
  2. Download KITTI dataset from the provided link and extract it into "datasets"
  3. Download Models and extract them into "models"
  4. Go to build folder: "cd build"
  5. Compile: "cmake .." then "make"
  6. run program : "./caffe_test_ex" . The network and the KITTI database should load. The network predictions and the GT is visualized. To get the next prediction just press Enter. If you want to change the Dataset take a look in the code (main.cpp)


If you get : "caffe/proto/caffe.pb.h: No such file or directory" try to go in your caffe dir (extern/modcaffe) and type:

  1. protoc src/caffe/proto/caffe.proto --cpp_out=.
  2. mkdir include/caffe/proto
  3. mv src/caffe/proto/caffe.pb.h include/caffe/proto


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