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Nested Sampling Development Framework & UltraNest

A Pythonic implementation of the Nested Sampling integration algorithm for Bayesian model comparison and parameter estimation.

This package provides multiple implementations for constrained drawing functions, and a test suite to evaluate the correctness, accuracy and efficiency of various implementations.

The source code consists of three components:

  1. A Modular framework for nested sampling algorithms (nested_sampling) and their development
  2. Test framework to evaluate the performance and accuracy of algorithms (testsuite)
  3. UltraNest - A fast C implementation of a mixed RadFriends/MCMC nested sampling algorithm

Currently implemented algorithms

For drawing uniformly above the likelihood constraint, currently the following algorithms are implemented:

  • naive rejection sampling
  • MCMC with adaptive proposal
  • RadFriends/SupFriends (see Buchner, 2014)
  • SVM-based constrainer
  • Galilean (in progress)
  • Hamiltonian (in progress)

Test Suite

For testing the correctness and efficiency of algorithms, multiple algorithms can be run against a set of test problems.

Additionally to nested sampling implemented here, the following algorithms are evaluated in the benchmark:

  • MultiNest (through PyMultiNest)
  • Cuba-based algorithms (through PyCuba)
    • Suave
    • Divonne (through PyCuba)
    • Cuhre (through PyCuba)
    • Vegas (through PyCuba)

The evaluation of various algorithms can be found at


UltraNest is a fast C implementation of a mixed RadFriends/MCMC nested sampling algorithm. It is documented at You are welcome to dive into the code (ultranest folder) and implement your preferred algorithm.

Getting started

Have a look at the file nested_sampling/test/ to build your own combination of nested sampling algorithm components.

You can run the entire test suite using the testsuite/ but to only run a part of it create skip_algorithms and skip_problems files and run testsuite/

The documentation is available at The source code repository is available at

Citing this work

The correct citation to use is Buchner (2014) published in Statistics and Computing (Journal article, Preprint PDF).


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This work is open source software licensed under GPLv3 Affero (see LICENSE file). If you are interested in a different license, please contact me.