Searches your emails for flight tickets & displays a summary with all flight details
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Flight & Hotel reservation email parser

Searches emails for flight tickets and hotel reservations. Builds a brief summary view of all your reservations over time.


  1. Adding emails to the email database

    People store emails in various ways. Here we support the notmuch database ( It is trivial to include maildir emails into notmuch with "notmuch new".

    For email programs with mailbox, mb2md ( can be run to convert to maildir, followed by "notmuch new"

    For Thunderbird, the script is provided, which finds the relevant folders automatically.

  2. Building the report

    run with some email search keywords:

    $ python ' OR ticket OR flight OR flug OR viaje OR booking OR confirmation OR confirmacion'

    It will give you some idea of what it finds, for example:

    2015-11-28 Flight HOUSTON, TX --> WASHINGTON, DC
    Departing 2015-11-28 19:10
    from HOUSTON, TX
    arriving 2015-11-28 23:05
    Flight number UA1955
  3. View report

    For an example report see "summary.html"!

Features implemented

  • Summary of all flights, with crucial information (when, from-to, ...)
  • Including PDF eticket files, extracted from emails.
  • Parallel parsing for speed-up.
  • Parsing of the flight reservations schema following
  • Some heuristic parsing of html emails in English, Spanish and German. If you have emails that can serve as additional test cases, please submit them. Contributions to the parsing are welcome!

To Do