Notational Velocity clone written with Jython+SWT
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note3 is a Notational Velocity clone


note3 is a note-taking application. It provides full-text search. Notes found can be edited.

Full intended behaviour can be found at


note3 is a demo project for using Jython, Maven and SWT to create easily deployable, native but cross-platform, scripted GUIs.

It shows how to


Make sure the pom has the target platform-specific swt library as dependency (swt-gtk for linux, swt-win32/64 for windows).


$ mvn package

You will find a target/note3-VERSION-jar-with-dependencies.jar This jar is a fully contained Jython+SWT application. You can launch it by double-clicking, or with

$ java -jar target/note3-VERSION-jar-with-dependencies.jar