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The Nivoo-Slider is an image gallery based on the jQuery Plugin NivoSlider ( It features 18 different transition effects.

Screenshot 1

How to use

Just include NivooSider.js and the NivooSlider.css to your HTML:

<script type="text/javascript" src="NivooSlider.js"></script>
<link  href="NivooSlider.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" />

And the gallery structure:

 <div id="slider">
    <img src="images/image1.jpg" alt="" title="insert text to display a caption" />
    <a href="#hyperlink">
        <img src="images/iamge2.jpg" alt="" title="This image is linked to a great website" />
    <img src="images/image3.jpg" alt="" />

And then initialize the slider using the domready event:


    // The simple way
    new NivooSlider($('slider'));

    // The more advanced way
    new NivooSlider($('slider'), {
        animSpeed: 750,
        effect: 'sliceLeftRightDown',
        interval: 5000,
        orientation: 'horizontal',
        slices: 20
        'onFinish': function(){
            // fired after each transition
        'onStart': function(){
            // fired right before each transition



Class: NivooSlider


var slider = new NivooSlider(element[, options]);


  1. element - (mixed) An Element or the string id of an Element to apply the gallery to.
  2. options - (object, optional) The Nivoo-Slider options object, described below:


  • animSpeed - (number: defaults to 500) The time (duration) in ms of the transition
  • autoPlay - (bool: defaults to true) Start the transition automatically after initializing
  • cssClass - (string, defaults to nivooSlider) Name of the css class that is added after initializing the slider
  • directionNav -(bool: deafults to true) Shows controls to go back and forth
  • directionNavHide - (bool: defaults to false) Hides the navigation controls on mouseout, so they are only visible when the mouse cursor is over the slider element
  • effect - (string: defaults to sliceDown) Type of transition (see effects),
  • interval - (number: defaults to 3000) Interval in ms between the transitions, required for the autoPlay function
  • orientation - (string: defaults to vertical) Defines the direction of the transition, can be horizontal or vertical
  • pauseOnHover - (bool: defaults to true) Clears the interval on mouseover
  • slices - (number: defaults to 15) Number of the slices used for the transition


  • start - (function) Is fired right before each transition
  • finish - (function) Is fired right after each transition


horizontal & vertical

  • fade
  • fold
  • random


  • sliceLeftDown
  • sliceLeftUp
  • sliceLeftRightDown
  • sliceLeftRightUp
  • sliceRightDown
  • sliceRightUp
  • wipeDown
  • wipeUp


  • sliceDownLeft
  • sliceDownRight
  • sliceUpDownLeft
  • sliceUpDownRight
  • sliceUpLeft
  • sliceUpRight
  • wipeLeft
  • wipeRight

Coming Features

  • preloading images


MIT-style license.

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