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A minimal OSC sequencer with a simple C++ interface.
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Welcome! Thank you for considering the README file.


  1. What is minimal?
  2. Why using minimal?
  3. Documentation
  4. Credits
  5. Contact
  6. Enclosed documents

1 What is minimal?

It is basically an RT compatible, text based sequencer. It supports OSC.

The project files are C++ code, which is very easy to generate with a suited C++ editor. A collection of project files can be found in the minimal-demos repo.

In the future, you will be able to create music, videos, computer games, mathematical graphics etc.

2 Why using minimal?

minimal is practical:

  • you can easily license your projects, since they are in plain text.
  • a clear overview on your effects. You can even dump an effect graph.
  • minimal is (assumably) RT compatible.
  • minimal supports open souce and has no windows-only plugins.

minimal is minimal:

  • minimal is designed for instant compiling and startup.
  • short and human readable project files
  • minimal can be used without any X server.

minimal is developper-friendly:

  • minimal lets you easily write plugins, e.g. for any OSC plugin.
  • In minimal, coders can use C++11.
  • good support for developping issues.

3 Documentation

Type make doc for doxygen. TODO: more stuff here...

4 Credits

The author thanks:

5 Contact

Feel free to give feedback. My e-mail address is shown if you execute this in a shell:

printf "\x6a\x6f\x68\x61\x6e\x6e\x65\x73\x40\x6c\x6f\

6 Enclosed documents

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