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hud for payday
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An addon for payday


  • Custom chat: type %icon% to have a character in the chat ex: %ghost% for the stealth icon (Only shows for people with johnhud)
  • Assault indicator: shows state of stealth or assault, number of pagers, civillians standing, alerted or tied
  • Bindable voice commands: bind a key to say any voice line you want. This includes a lot of things. You can find some of them in binds.txt
  • Suspicion percent meter: Allows you to see the individual detection amounts of people detecting you or your crew
  • Preplanning saving and loading: Save a preplan and use it the next time you have a heist
  • Extra skilltrees: Have as many skilltrees as you want (Pending rebalance)
  • Ignore: Mute annoying people and ban them from your lobbies (Currently only the first one)
  • Automatic update system: Never worry about having the latest version!
  • Change skills/perkdeck during heist planning
  • Better summary screen
  • Commend and report functions (from api)


  • A (local) site that will show detailed statistics about the players you are playing with: Simply open a html document in a web browser
  • Mutators (mabye)
  • Hardcore mode
  • Mabye I can make a level editor or something cool like that



General command syntax is "/name arg1 arg2 arg3..." or "!name arg1 arg2 arg3..."

Every command that requires a player argument is required to have the ability to accept as many as you give it, however, some commands may not have the ability to use every player. There are a few ways to specify a player or players.

  • * All players in the game
  • ! All players in the game excluding you. Identical to *,-^
  • ^ You (local player)
  • name The name of a player or players

The - character when prefixing anything equals the opposite of that group. Multiple arguments may be comma seperated and will execute sequentially.


  • /kick !,-bob Kick everyone in the lobby unless they have the word 'bob' in their name
  • /ignore bar,-foobar Ignore anyone with the word 'bar' in their name unless they have the word 'foobar' in thier name

Module: player.lua

  • /playing: prints player list and steamids
  • /reload: reloads players
  • /ignore: players | blocks chat from a player
  • /unignore: players | unblocks chat from a player

Module: admin.lua

  • /kick: players | kicks a player
  • /kickb: players | bans a player
  • /csay: text | broadcasts text akin to casing mode warning
  • /csay2: text | broadcasts text in a box, vertical bar starts a new line
  • /restart or /r: Restart the current heist instantly WARNING: IT DEDUCTS OFFSHORE MONEY IF IT IS A PROJOB

Module: autoupdate.lua

  • /updatedata:
  • variable:newvalue | changes version data. ex. /updatedata branch:ayy uname:lmao
  • --reset,-r | resets version data to defaults (uname=John2143658709, project=johnhud, branch=master)
  • --pure,-p | creates a new version file, with only the version (Everything else will be defaulted as listed above)
  • --next,-+ | increases version by 1 (You probably shouldnt need this unless you want to decline an update)
  • /update: updates johnhud, if there is a newer version
  • --force,-f | forces an update
  • --download,-d | downloads an update, but does not apply it
  • --xcopy-only,-c | Only copy over the current version assuming there exists a folder in update/ called {project}-{branch}

Module: preplanning.lua

  • /l or /last: uses last plan used including flags
  • /prex:
    • plan name | executes saved plan with name
    • --vote-only,-v | executes votes from a plan only
    • --other-only,-o | executes things other than votes in a saved plan
    • --force,-f | forces plan execution
  • /prsv:
    • plan name | saves current plan under specified name
    • --self-only, -s | saves a plan with only the stuff you put down

Module: infamy.lua

  • /skillset: Creates, deletes, or changes to a skilltree
  • --delete,-d | Delete the skill tree specified
  • --new,-n | Creates a new skill tree
  • --force,-f | Force the deleteion
  • Tree | The name of the skilltree or the ID of the skilltree(first is 1, second is 2...)

Module: pd2stats.lua

  • /commend : Comment a player or players. Valid reasons:
  • teacher, t | They are a good teacher
  • friendly, f, kind, k | They were nice to play with
  • leader, l | They are a good leader
  • /report : Report a player for bad conduct. Valid reasons:
  • cheater, c | They have used some kind of cheat such as impossible skill builds or infinite ammo.
  • greifing, g | This is any type of purposful misconduct that is meant to hinder the ability to successfully complete the heist. Some examples would be team damage, shooting a loud gun during stealth, not being in the escape, or throwing bags to unreachable positions
  • abuse, a | Abusing host privelages(probably). Some examples would be using a mutator, kicking as the game ends, or greifing(without fear of being kicked).
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