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@John3 John3 released this Feb 26, 2018 · 4 commits to master since this release

Added commits of Feb 4, 2018 - e4427b7 - v1.23

If you don't have a custom main.cs, throw the content of the game folder into your game project folder and replace.

  • SO: Windows, Linux
  • GitHub Branch: Development
  • Compressed: 7zip - Xz
  • Win Compiled: default CMake options + VS14_2015 release Win32(x86)/Win64(x64)
  • Linux Compiled: default CMake options + CodeBlock + Ninja release Linux x64
  • Template: BaseGame and Full
  • Modules: BlankGame(y), FPSGameplay(y), spectatorGameplay(y)
  • Graphics: Direct3D 11, OpenGL 3.3
  • Physics: Bullet(y) - PhysX(n)
  • Window and Input: SDL(y) - DirectX(y)
  • Tools: SQLite(n)

Windows - How To:
Use 7zip

  1. Extract BaseGame, and rename to something like MyGame.
  2. Then extract Module, and copy "FPSGameplay" into data folder, it should be like this MyGame/game/data/FPSGameplay.
  3. Extract t3d_win_x64 into MyGame folder. Should be like this: MyGame/game/t3d_engine_x86.exe
  4. Run t3d_engine_x64.exe or t3d_engine_x86.exe

Linux - How To:
From GUI: use Archive Manager, doble click (Ubuntu Linux)
From console: $ tar xJvf t3d_linux_x64.tar.xz

Using the Full template. If you want the new template, see "Windows - How To"

  1. Decompress the Full template and rename with you game name. Ex: My_game/
  2. Decompress t3d_linux_x64 into the game folder of your project Ex: My_Game/t3d_linux_x64.exe
  3. Run t3d_Linux_x64.exe


  • BaseGame: The basic for run the engine.
  • Modules: Included the official modules.
  • Full Template: The old Full template, you can use this or the Basegame+Module
  • t3d_win_x86 & t3d_win_x64: This will run your engine/game in Windows.
  • t3d_win_x64_bullet: This will run your engine/game with "Bullet physics" active in Windows.
  • t3d_linux_x64: This will run your engine/game in Linux
  • t3d_linux_x64_bullet: This will run your engine/game with "Bullet physics" active in Linux

Note: If you have any problem with the new template "BaseGame + Module", try using the old "Full" template.


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