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My own set of Nix packages that aren't yet upstream or are specific to me
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These are my personal nix packages, overlays, modules and functions which I chose to share with the community in hope of providing value to others :)

Some of them are only useful to me and a handful of people, others are in the process of being tested by myself and others before starting a pull request for nixpkgs.

This repository is inspired by and a part of NUR, the Nix User Repository - instructions on how to use it are available on their project site.



aes-cbc can decrypt a string at evaluation time. This allows to push nix configurations with secrets to a public git. Note: The decrypted string will be stored in cleartext in the /nix/store!


cpupower can automatically turn the frequency governor to performance when plugged into power and back to powersave when unplugged again.

ip-to-usb allows you to configure a headless host to write its IP-address configuration to a USB drive on plugging it in for a few seconds. Optionally the USB drive is required to provide authentication.

prosody-filer is a server which supports XEP-0363 together with Prosody's mod_http_upload_external


None yet


  • uefitool Firmware image viewer and editor

  • caas Check if an XMPP server is compliant (XEP-0387)

  • pppconfig Configure pppd to connect to the Internet

  • prosody-filer Golang mod_http_upload_external server for Prosody

  • multivault Simple CLI to manage distributed secrets for ansible

  • rederr Colour your stderr red

  • isabelle2018 2018 version of Isabelle

  • u-root A fully Go userland! u-root can create a root file system (initramfs) containing a busybox-like set of tools written in Go

  • uefi-driver-wizard Program designed to accelerate the development of new UEFI drivers using a GUI-based template generator

  • chipsec Platform Security Assessment Framework

  • rfc-reader CLI RFC reader

  • python-oath Python implementation of HOTP, TOTP and OCRA algorithms from OATH

  • python-vipaccess A free software implementation of Symantec's VIP Access application and protocol

  • voctomix Full-HD Software Live-Video-Mixer in python

  • fbset Show and modify frame buffer device settings

Terminal image viewers

Python3 Modules

  • hk4py Library to get GPG/PGP keys from a Keyserver

My own package for transforming a youtube channel or playlist into a podcast RSS feed

Libraries and tools for Thai language

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