A Compass plugin for Zen Grids, a fluid responsive grid system
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ABOUT zen-grids

Zen Grids is an intuitive, flexible grid system that leverages the natural
source order of your content to make it easier to create fluid responsive
designs. With an easy-to-use Sass mixin set, the Zen Grids system can be applied
to an infinite number of layouts, including responsive, adaptive, fluid and
fixed-width layouts.

More information can be found at http://zengrids.com


Here's a simple example: a content column with a sidebar on each side, aligned
to a 12 column grid.

  @import "zen";

  $zen-gutter-width: 40px;  // Set the gutter size. A half-gutter is used on
                            // each side of each column.

  .container {
    @include zen-grid-container();  // Define the container for your grid items.

  $zen-column-count: 12;  // Set the number of grid columns to use in this media
                          // query. You'll likely want a different grid for
                          // different screen sizes.

  @media all and (min-width: 50em) {
    .sidebar1 {
      @include zen-grid-item(3, 1);   // Span 3 columns starting in 1st column.
    .content {
      @include zen-grid-item(6, 4);   // Span 6 columns starting in 4th column.
    .sidebar2 {
      @include zen-grid-item(3, 10);  // Span 3 columns starting in 10th column.

Within the .container element, the .sidebar1, .sidebar2 and .content elements
can be in any order.

Zen Grids has built-in support for the Box-sizing Polyfill which adds
"box-sizing: border-box" support to IE7 and earlier.

- Download the polyfill at https://github.com/Schepp/box-sizing-polyfill
- Place the boxsizing.htc file in your website.
- Set Zen Grids' $box-sizing-polyfill-path variable to the absolute path to the
  boxsizing.htc file on your website. For example:
    $box-sizing-polyfill-path: "/scripts/polyfills/boxsizing.htc";


Zen grids is distributed as a Ruby Gem. On your computer, simply run:

  sudo gem install zen-grids

If you are using Compass (and you should!) then you can add it to an existing
project by editing the project's configuration file, config.rb, and adding this

  require 'zen-grids'

You can then start using Zen Grids in your Sass files. Just add this line to one
of your .sass or .scss files and start creating!

  @import "zen";


- Sass 3.2 or later

For the zen/background module only:
- Compass 0.12 or later


Available under the GPL v2 license. See LICENSE.txt.