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RPI Tours
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RPI Tours iOS

Build Status

RPI Tours makes taking tours of RPI's campus as simple as downloading an app.

This application is still under development and is currently in a stable beta state.

The back end for the application is currently under development here

Want to read a more in depth discussion about the why and how behind RPI Tours? Check out our wiki!

Building RPI Tours

  1. Requirements
  2. Building


In order to build and run RPI Tours for iOS, you will need the following


Since we are using Mapbox as our mapping service, you must have a set of API keys from Mapbox. Mapbox provides you with these upon account creation. They need to live in a file somewhere in the project structure called mapBoxAPIKeys.swift.

This file needs to have the contents like this.

import Foundation
let mapBoxAPIKey:String = INSERT_YOUR_API_KEY_HERE";

The project expects the API key to be assocated with the string value mapBoxAPIKey.


Building RPI Tours is a pretty simple process. Assuming you have Cocoapods installed (either the command line version or the GUI version), you need to install the pods.

Command Line Installation
  1. Navigate to ../RPI_Tours_iOS/RPI Tours
  2. Run pod install to install the dependencies


Notice: You need to open the project by launching RPI Tours.xcworkspace, not RPI Tours.xcodeproj. This ensures that the dependiences are included in the worksapce and XCode can see them

After installing the necessary dependiences via Cocoapods, all you should have to do is run the project. By default it will probably try to deploy to an iOS Simulator.


The RPI Tours suite of applications is a collaboration between the Web Technologies Group, the Rensselaer Center for Open Source, and the Rensselaer Department of Admissions.

Contact Information

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