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Pinpoint Weather Center for WPRI 12 Providence
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Pinpoint Weather Center for WPRI 12 Providence

Module Structure

css - style.css -- css file for styles inc - foot.php - footer file functions.php - php functions for pulling wx data from xml file, loading al of the locations (this comes from the $sticks variable) get-location-data.php - calls get_location_wx_data() function (found in functions.php file) head.php - contains html head tag and opening body tag foot.php - contains footer and loads javascript file wx-sticks.php - contains variable $sticks which load wx stick sponsor data img - contains all images. Images are named [stick number].jpg. js - contains the main.js file. This contains an ajax function get_wx_stick_data_ajax() that uses ajax to fire the get-location-data.php file. index.php - contains main html code and calls php functions load_wx_sticks() and load_wx_sticks_nav() to load the sponsor data from the wx-sticks.php file

How To Add a New WX Stick

Open the file wx-sticks.php. This is located in the inc folder. This file contains a variable, $sticks. The $sticks variable is an array containing each sponsor information for each wx_stick.

$sticks = array(
			'id' => 1,
			'location' => 'Cumberland',
			'xml_file' => 'WPRI_Cumberland Kitchen & Bath.xml',
			'sponsor' => 'Cumberland Kitchen & Bath',
			'sponsor_url' => '',
			'address' => '1764 Mendon Road, Cumberland, RI',
			'id' => 2,
			'location' => 'Smithfield',
			'xml_file' => 'WPRI_Ephraim Doumato Jewelers.xml',
			'sponsor' => 'Ephraim Doumato Jewelers',
			'sponsor_url' => '',
			'address' => '425 Putnam Pike, Smithfield, RI',
			'id' => 3,
			'location' => 'Newport',
			'xml_file' => 'WPRI_Newport.xml',
			'sponsor' => 'Viking Hotel',
			'sponsor_url' => '',
			'address' => '1 Bellevue Ave, Newport, RI',
			'id' => 4,
			'location' => 'Tiverton',
			'xml_file' => 'WPRI_Phil\'s Propane.xml',
			'sponsor' => 'Phil’s Propane',
			'sponsor_url' => '',
			'address' => '77 Crandall Road, Tiverton, RI',
			'id' => 5,
			'location' => 'North Kingstown',
			'xml_file' => 'WPRI_Scalabrini Villa.xml',
			'sponsor' => 'Scalabrini Villa',
			'sponsor_url' => '',
			'address' => '860 North Quidnessett Road, North Kingstown, RI',
			'id' => 6,
			'location' => 'Narragansett',
			'xml_file' => 'WPRI_The Village Inn.xml',
			'sponsor' => 'Aqua Blue Hotel & Conference Center',
			'sponsor_url' => '',
			'address' => '1 Beach Street Narragansett, RI',
			'id' => 7,
			'location' => 'Warwick',
			'xml_file' => 'WPRI_Top of the Bay.xml',
			'sponsor' => 'Top of the Bay Restaurant',
			'sponsor_url' => '',
			'address' => '898 Oakland Beach Ave, Warwick, RI',

Copy the last array(...) and add it to the end of the $sticks array. Make sure to add a , before the array you just pasted. Edit the text after the => (these are the values, the text before the => are the keys). The id needs to be a number, so don't put it in quotes. Make sure to add an image for the sponsor logo named [id number].jpg.

How To Edit A WX Stick

Find the array that contains the name of the xml file for the wx stick you want to edit. Edit the values.

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