AuxiPunk is an AS3 library written on top of FlashPunk, intended primarily to function as game jam base code.
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##What is it?

  • AuxiPunk is an auxiliary AS3 library built on top of FlashPunk (Auxliary [additional] Punk or Auxilium [assistance] Punk).
  • It is intended primarily to take the place of boilerplate code frequently written, or copy pasted, into game jam games.
  • The code is fully documented with extensive comments and a demo class for each component.
  • Currently the library includes these utilities:
  • platformer physics including one-way platforms
  • a platformer level parser for Tiled tmx files
  • lighting
  • trailing effects
  • bullet patterns
  • text dialogs (like rpg style)
  • bars (can be used for health guages/timers etc)
  • periodic "spawning" (waves)
  • screen shaking
  • screen partitioning
  • examples/demos of everything mentioned above (see ExampleMain)
  • etc!

AuxiPunk is built on top of FlashPunk. The FlashPunk license can be found by Clicking Here