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Timer and organizational app for the AERO youth triathlon team
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alt text AERO Team Timer

Timer and organizational app for the AERO youth triathlon team.

This app is a specific implementation of a capstone project developed while a student at Nashville Software School. For more information on the original project, please visit:

  • AngularJS
  • PostgreSQL (on Heroku) - converted from SQLite in original version
  • NodeJS
  • ExpressJS
  • KnexJS
  • Angular Material
  • Sass
  • GreenSock (JS animation library)
Features recently added:
  1. During a workout, after completing each lap, the display shows the athlete's pace metric for the last lap (minutes/mile for a run, mph for bike, minutes/100yards for swim) as well as a pace differential from the previous lap to inform the coach and athlete whether they are getting slower, faster, or maintaining their goal pace.
  2. When viewing the list of recorded workouts, a coach can filter by discipline by tapping on the discipline icons at the top of the screen, choosing whether to show swim, bike or run workouts, or any combination of the three.
  3. Display of an athlete's workout data now includes pace metrics along side each lap time and also average pace for entire workout.
  4. If an athlete doesn't finish all laps, their completed laps are still recorded.
Features to be implemented soon:
  1. Separate Cadence app ( to be incorporated.
  2. Other workout types to be added (intervals with recovery periods, Tabata intervals).
  3. Ability to record multi-discipline events like races.

If you would like to demo this app, please visit: (developed to be used on mobile devices)

  • login: demo
  • password: demo
  • you will not have admin priveleges, so the Admin page cannot be accessed
  • feel free to test the timer and view the workouts
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