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Cadence Coach mobile app
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alt text Cadence Coach

Cadence measurement with a tap of a finger!

  • React Native
  • ES6
  • Android Studio
  • Xcode

Simple, easy tool for coaches of swimming, cycling, or running to measure their athletes' swim stroke rate, or bike/run cadence during a workout. Enter your athletes' names into the app. When you're ready to start a workout, select an athlete to measure and tap the screen with each stroke or step. Cadence Coach calculates the average cadence with each tap, for as long as you decide, and updates the display to show you the current average. Select another athlete and repeat. When the workout is done, select the results list to see the latest averages for all athletes that have been measured. Results are displayed as both seconds per stroke and revolutions per minute.

Other features:
  • Long-press an athlete's name in the list for the option to remove that name.
  • There is a reset button below the tapping area if you need to start over with an athlete while tapping their cadence
Available on:

Google Play and iTunes App Store

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