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pr0nstitch: IC die image feature generation for stitching
Copyright 2010 John McMaster <>
Licensed under a 2 clause BSD license, see COPYING for details
Command refernece:
Some parts of this code inspired by Christian Sattler's tool
pr0nstitch is described in detail at
import argparse
import os.path
import signal
import sys
import traceback
import multiprocessing
from pr0ntools.stitch.grid_stitch import GridStitch
from pr0ntools.util import logwt
allow_overwrite = True
def t_or_f(arg):
arg_value = str(arg).lower()
return not (arg_value == "false" or arg_value == "0" or arg_value == "no")
def excepthook(excType, excValue, tracebackobj):
print '%s: %s' % (excType, excValue)
print 'Exiting on exception'
def parser_add_bool_arg(yes_arg, default=False, **kwargs):
dashed = yes_arg.replace('--', '')
dest = dashed.replace('-', '_')
parser.add_argument(yes_arg, dest=dest, action='store_true', default=default, **kwargs)
parser.add_argument('--no-' + dashed, dest=dest, action='store_false', **kwargs)
if __name__ == "__main__":
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Stitch images quickly into .pto through hints')
parser.add_argument('--out', default='out.pto', help='Output file name')
parser.add_argument('--log', default='pr0nstitch', help='Output log file name')
parser_add_bool_arg('--grid-only', default=False, help='')
parser.add_argument('--algorithm', default='grid', help='')
parser.add_argument('--threads', type=int, default= multiprocessing.cpu_count())
parser_add_bool_arg('--overwrite', default=False, help='')
parser_add_bool_arg('--regular', default=True, help='')
parser.add_argument('--x-overlap', type=int, help='in pixels')
parser.add_argument('--y-overlap', type=int, help='in pixels')
parser_add_bool_arg('--dry', default=False, help='')
parser_add_bool_arg('--skip-missing', default=False, help='')
parser_add_bool_arg('--ignore-errors', default=False, help='')
parser.add_argument('fns', nargs='+', help='File names')
args = parser.parse_args()
log_dir = args.log
_dt = logwt(log_dir, 'main.log', shift_d=True)
depth = 1
# CNC like precision?
# Default to true for me
regular = True
input_image_file_names = list()
input_project_file_name = None
output_project_file_name = None
for arg in args.fns:
if arg.find('.pto') > 0:
output_project_file_name = arg
elif os.path.isfile(arg) or os.path.isdir(arg):
print 'unrecognized arg: %s' % arg
print 'must be pto file, image file, or image dir'
if len(input_image_file_names) == 0:
raise Exception('Requires image file names')
print 'post arg'
print 'output project: %s' % output_project_file_name
if args.threads < 1:
raise Exception('Bad threads')
if args.algorithm == "grid":
engine = GridStitch.from_tagged_file_names(input_image_file_names)
engine.ignore_errors = args.ignore_errors
print 'Using %d threads' % args.threads
engine.threads = args.threads
engine.skip_missing = args.skip_missing
raise Exception('need an algorithm / engine')
engine.log_dir = log_dir
if args.x_overlap:
engine.x_overlap = args.x_overlap
if args.y_overlap:
engine.y_overlap = args.y_overlap
if not allow_overwrite:
if output_project_file_name and os.path.exists(output_project_file_name):
print 'ERROR: cannot overwrite existing project file: %s' % output_project_file_name
sys.excepthook = excepthook
# Exit on ^C instead of ignoring
signal.signal(signal.SIGINT, signal.SIG_DFL)
print 'Done!'