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Copied with permission from http://www.qmtpro.com/~nes/chipimages/#tools
as of 7/30/2011
See COPYING for copyright information.
As of this writing I have not made any modifications.

Quietust says the original tools will probably continue to be updated at his site,
so expect differences.  However, I'd like a place to hack on the tools and share 
my changes at the same time so here they are regardless of whether or not they
get merged into the original toolchain.

Web site has this comment:


These are the tools I used to make the Visual 2A03. 
They may not be fully versatile and efficient, but they get the job done.

* GIMP - select all segments in the layer image (Alpha to Selection), then
convert Selection to Path with advanced settings "Corner Surround:3"
(optional), "Corner Threshold:150", "Line Reversion Threshold:0.200", and "Line
Threshold:2.00", then export to SVG.

* convertsvg.php - convert the exported SVG files into lists of vertices more
easily readable by the programs below. If the SVG happened to contain any
non-straight lines, it'll complain - go back into GIMP and fix the problem
segments to make them more square, or recreate the Path with more strict settings.

* check.cpp - make sure that each via and buried contact connects exactly two
nodes together (since otherwise the tool below will get confused).

* netlist.cpp - read in all of the layers, figure out which segments are
connected to each other (and assign node IDs appropriately), and build
segdefs.js and transdefs.js files for ChipSim.

* polygon.h - used by the above two programs, keeps track of the shape and
location of each segment and quickly determines whether or not two arbitrary
 segments intersect.