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Adds a new button to the mailbox toolbar to mark the selected messages as Junk/Not Junk, optionally detaching original messages from spam reports if the message is not junk and learning junk/not junk using various methods (salearn, etc.).
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Roundcube Webmail Mark as Junk 2
This plugin adds "mark as spam" or "mark as not spam" button to the message menu.

When not in the Junk mailbox:
  Messages are moved into the Junk mailbox and marked as read

When in the Junk mailbox:
  The buttons are changed to "mark as not spam" or "this message is not spam"
  If the message is a spam report with the original email attached then this is detached and saved in the Inbox, the spam report is deleted
  If it is not a spam report then the message is simply moved to the Inbox

This plugin also integrates with the ContextMenu plugin

* Place this plugin folder into plugins directory of RoundCube
* Add markasjunk2 to $rcmail_config['plugins'] in your RoundCube config
NB: When downloading the plugin from GitHub you will need to create a directory called markasjunk2 and place the files in there, ignoring the root directory in the downloaded archive

The default config file is plugins/markasjunk2/
Rename this to plugins/markasjunk2/
All config parameters are optional

Spam learning commands

  '/usr/bin/sa-learn --spam --username=%u %f' or
  '/usr/bin/sa-learn --spam --prefs-file=/var/mail/%d/%l/.spamassassin/user_prefs %f'

Ham learning commands

  '/usr/bin/sa-learn --ham --username=%u %f' or
  '/usr/bin/sa-learn --ham --prefs-file=/var/mail/%d/%l/.spamassassin/user_prefs %f'
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