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Adds a new button to the mailbox toolbar to mark the selected messages as Junk/Not Junk, optionally detaching original messages from spam reports if the message is not junk and learning junk/not junk using various methods (salearn, etc.).
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Roundcube Webmail MarkAsJunk2
This plugin adds "mark as spam" or "mark as not spam" button to the message
Inspiration for this plugin was taken from:
Thomas Bruederli <> - original Roundcube Mark As Junk plugin

When not in the Junk mailbox:
  Messages are moved into the Junk mailbox and marked as read

When in the Junk mailbox:
  The buttons are changed to "mark as not spam" or "this message is not spam"
  and the message is moved to the Inbox

This plugin also integrates with the ContextMenu plugin

This plugin is released under the GNU General Public License Version 3+

Even if skins might contain some programming work, they are not considered
as a linked part of the plugin and therefore skins DO NOT fall under the
provisions of the GPL license. See the README file located in the core skins
folder for details on the skin license.

* Place this plugin folder into plugins directory of Roundcube
* Add markasjunk2 to $rcmail_config['plugins'] in your Roundcube config
NB: When downloading the plugin from GitHub you will need to create a directory
called markasjunk2 and place the files in there, ignoring the root directory in
the downloaded archive.

The default config file is plugins/markasjunk2/
Rename this to plugins/markasjunk2/
All config parameters are optional

The Learning Driver
The learning driver allows you to perform additional processing on each message
marked as spam/ham. A driver must contain a class named markasjunk2_{driver
file name}. The class must contain 2 functions:

spam: This function should take 1 argument, the UID of message being
            marked as spam

ham: This function should take 1 argument, the UID of message being
           marked as ham

Five drivers are provided by default they are:

cmd_learn: This driver calls an external command (for example salearn) to
           process the message

dir_learn: This driver places a copy of the message in a predefined folder, for
           example to allow for processing later

email_learn: This driver emails the message either as an attachment or directly
             to a set address

sa_blacklist: This driver adds the sender address of a spam message to the
              users blacklist (or whitelist of ham messages)
              Requires SAUserPrefs plugin

sa_detach: If the message is a Spamassassin spam report with the original email
           attached then this is detached and saved in the Inbox, the spam
           report is deleted

Spam learning commands
  'sa-learn --spam --username=%u %f' or
  'sa-learn --spam --prefs-file=/var/mail/%d/%l/.spamassassin/user_prefs %f'

Ham learning commands
  'sa-learn --ham --username=%u %f' or
  'sa-learn --ham --prefs-file=/var/mail/%d/%l/.spamassassin/user_prefs %f'
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