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Warning, this plugin is still very much a work-in-progress and worth about what you paid for it. =^)
In your config/environment.rb:
In your controller:
def search_flights
kayak =
@search_id = kayak.start_flight_search({:origin => 'ATL', ... }) #check source for more options
more_pending = true
while more_pending
more_pending, @xml = kayak.poll_results(@search_id, :max_count => 100)
# optionally do some stuff with xml, update page, etc
# but more records are to come. Keep poling until more_pending comes back false
# which means either there are no more results or we hit our max_count
sleep 5 # Let kayak work some more before checking again.
# Here, xml will contain all of the flights found by kayak, up to optional max_search, ordered by price ASC
# See below for one possible way to display the records.
In your view:
<% @xml.elements.each("/searchresult/trips/trip") do |trip| %>
<% trip.elements.each("price") do |price| %>
currency = price.attribute('currency').to_s
url = price.attribute('url').to_s
<%= link_to("$#{price}#{currency}", "{url}") %>
<% end %>
<% trip.elements.each("legs") do |leg| %>
Display info about individual flight legs
<% end %>
<% end %>
Working with KayakSearch in development:
Because doing kayak searches takes at least 10 to 20 seconds or more to completely finish, and so as to not waste's resources for my testing, I've added a mechanism for working with your application in the development environment by having KayakSearch read the search results from a local file. Two environment variables are needed, KAYAK_TEST, to indicate that you don't want to hit the api server, and KAYAK_TEST_FILE, which is the path to your dummy xml file. I've included a sample search result in test.xml which you can use.
In your config.environment.rb:
ENV['KAYAK_TEST'] = 'true' # Disables real api calls
ENV['KAYAK_TEST_FILE'] = 'path/to/test.xml' # path to test file.
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