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Compatibility library for ErrorUnit to work with PostSharp AOP. Unlike integrating with an IoC Library this will enable all classes/methods in an assembly to become Unit Test endpoints. (IoC library integrations are limited to IoC managed classes/methods)

Currently while ErrorUnit is not past beta ErrorUnit.Injector_PostSharp has an open source licence for the use of Postsharp (Thanks Gael!); you will have to download the free PostSharp Express ( ); But check out the full version and the other cool stuff you can do with AOP in general and PostSharp in specific. ( In the future with enough users we hope to include Postsharp technology fully integrated into ErrorUnit. )


Add [assembly: ErrorUnit.Injector_PostSharp.ErrorUnitAspect] to the AssemblyInfo.cs file of each project you want ErrorUnit on.

Note: To log your ErrorUnit formatted errors instead of just generating Unit Tests while in Visual Studio you will still have to set up a logger when your application starts, with ErrorUnitCentral._Logger = new ErrorUnitLogger();

But since this is an AOP and not an IoC library you will not need to set up the Injector with:

ErrorUnitCentral._Injector = new ErrorUnitInjector(); and ErrorUnitCentral._LinkInjector(container);


Compatibility library for ErrorUnit to work with PostSharp AOP.




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