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Copyright (c) by respective owners including Yahoo!, Microsoft, and
individual contributors. All rights reserved. Released under a BSD
license as described in the file LICENSE.
#ifndef GD_H
#define GD_H
#ifdef __FreeBSD__
#include <sys/socket.h>
#include <math.h>
#include "example.h"
#include "parse_regressor.h"
#include "parser.h"
#include "allreduce.h"
void print_result(int f, float res, v_array<char> tag);
void print_audit_features(regressor &reg, example* ec, size_t offset);
float finalize_prediction(vw&, float ret);
float inline_predict(vw&, example* &ec);
float one_of_quad_predict(v_array<feature> &page_features, feature& offer_feature, weight* weights, size_t mask);
float one_pf_quad_predict(weight* weights, feature& page_feature, v_array<feature> &offer_features, size_t mask);
float single_quad_weight(weight* weights, feature& page_feature, feature* offer_feature, size_t mask);
void quadratic(v_array<feature> &f, const v_array<feature> &first_part,
const v_array<feature> &second_part, size_t thread_mask);
void print_audit_features(vw&, example* ec);
void train(weight* weights, const v_array<feature> &features, float update);
void train_one_example(regressor& r, example* ex);
void train_offset_example(regressor& r, example* ex, size_t offset);
void compute_update(example* ec);
void offset_train(regressor &reg, example* &ec, float update, size_t offset);
void train_one_example_single_thread(regressor& r, example* ex);
void drive_gd(void*);
void finish_gd(void*);
void learn_gd(void*, example* ec);
void output_and_account_example(example* ec);
void finish_example(vw&, example* ec);
bool command_example(vw&, example* ec);
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