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#ifndef CB_H
#define CB_H
#define CB_TYPE_DR 0
#define CB_TYPE_DM 1
#define CB_TYPE_IPS 2
#include "global_data.h"
#include "parser.h"
//Contextual Bandit module to deal with incomplete cost-sensitive data
//Currently implemented as a reduction to cost-sensitive learning, using the methods discussed in the paper 'Doubly Robust Policy Evaluation and Learning'.
//CB is currently made to work with CSOAA or WAP as base cs learner
//TODO: extend to handle CSOAA_LDF and WAP_LDF
namespace CB {
struct cb_class {
float x; // the cost of this class
uint32_t weight_index; // the index of this class
float prob_action; //new for bandit setting, specifies the probability the data collection policy chose this class for importance weighting
bool operator==(cb_class j){return weight_index == j.weight_index;}
struct label {
v_array<cb_class> costs;
void parse_flags(vw& all, std::vector<std::string>&, po::variables_map& vm, po::variables_map& vm_file);
void output_example(vw& all, example* ec);
size_t read_cached_label(shared_data* sd, void* v, io_buf& cache);
void cache_label(void* v, io_buf& cache);
void default_label(void* v);
void parse_label(shared_data* sd, void* v, v_array<substring>& words);
void delete_label(void* v);
float weight(void* v);
float initial(void* v);
const label_parser cb_label_parser = {default_label, parse_label,
cache_label, read_cached_label,
delete_label, weight, initial,
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