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#ifndef EX_H
#define EX_H
#include <stdint.h>
#include "v_array.h"
struct feature {
float x;
uint32_t weight_index;
bool operator==(feature j){return weight_index == j.weight_index;}
struct audit_data {
char* space;
char* feature;
size_t weight_index;
float x;
bool alloced;
typedef float simple_prediction;
struct example // core example datatype.
void* ld;
simple_prediction final_prediction;
v_array<char> tag;//An identifier for the example.
size_t example_counter;
v_array<size_t> indices;
v_array<feature> atomics[256]; // raw parsed data
v_array<audit_data> audit_features[256];
size_t num_features;//precomputed, cause it's fast&easy.
size_t pass;
float partial_prediction;//shared data for prediction.
v_array<float> topic_predictions;
float loss;
float eta_round;
float eta_global;
float global_weight;
float example_t;//sum of importance weights so far.
float sum_feat_sq[256];//helper for total_sum_feat_sq.
float total_sum_feat_sq;//precomputed, cause it's kind of fast & easy.
float revert_weight;
bool sorted;//Are the features sorted or not?
bool in_use; //in use or not (for the parser)
bool done; //set to false by setup_example()
example *alloc_example(size_t);
void dealloc_example(void(*delete_label)(void*), example&);
void copy_example_data(example*&, example*, size_t);
void update_example_indicies(bool audit, example* ec, size_t amount);
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