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test case for another ghc-parmake (ghc?) bug

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test case for another ghc-parmake (or ghc?) bug

Consider this case:

-- file Data/List.hs
-- shadows package base
module Data.List where

foo = ...

-- file Data/Top.hs
module Data.Top where

import Data.List

Suppose this module is compiled, then the shadowing module is renamed. Then the module Data.Top is changed to import both Data.List from package base, and the renamed Data.OtherList. Attempting to compile Data.Top with ghc-parmake will now fail.

To run this test, run the file


git reset --hard && cd Data && rm -f *.hi && rm -f *.o && cd -
git checkout master

ghc-parmake Data/Top.hs
sleep 1
git checkout step2
ghc-parmake Data/Top.hs

It appears that ghc -c (as called by ghc-parmake) first loads the old interface file Data/Top.hi, which points to Data/List.{hi|o}. Calling ghc -c --make works, incidentally.

This isn't ghc-parmake specific: the real problem is that calling ghc -c will lead to exactly the same behavior. However this may be ghc -c working as designed...

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