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Welcome to the mediclog wiki!

Mediclog is an Android App for recording medical or health information - specifically Blood Pressure, Temperature and Weight - on an Android device.

It has an emphasis on privacy and simplicity, in the current version it does not require any permissions. If any do become required the reason for them and the impact will be described in the Permissions page.

Your data is stored in the private space which belongs to the MedicLog app, and can not be read by other apps on your device. If you use the Send function then your data will be passed to another app, and it's privacy will then depend on that app.


Open the app, it should show your last readings, or some defaults if this is the first time you have used it.

You can either enter your current values into the various fields, or click the - and + buttons to lower or raise the indicated value.

If some of the measurements are not available, for example if I am away with limited luggage space I might not take my scales with me, then there is a x (clear data) button, which will clear the measurement.

Once all the values have been entered click Save, and you are done until the next you you need to record your measurements.

Sending your data

Click Send to send your data, to yourself or, for example, to your doctor. You will be offered a selection of apps which can be used to send your data. I use K9 Mail, and have tested with Gmail - which does not seem to attach the attachment. Apart from these MedicLog has not been tested with other apps which may show up here. The default recipient for your data, and the Subject to be used can be set in Preferences.

Deleting your data

The Delete button removes the data file in the private space used by the MedicLog app.

Main Screen

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