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December 2014 Discussion of Scala for Sacramento Java User's Group
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This repository contains the slides and code (in progress) for my forthcoming December 2014 Discussion of Scala for Sacramento Java User's Group:

Exploring Scala: Just Another Programming Language or a Mood Altering Substance?

If you don't want to clone the repository, the slides are also avaiable as a separate download.

Among the many languages that have sprung up over the years that run on the Java Virtual Machine, with the exception of Java itself, Scala is the market leader and the most worthy of exploring.

I'll share my perspective on the benefits and challenges of learning Scala from the perspective of a working Java developer. There's a lot about Scala that's awesome. That's what's prompting me to spend the time learning it and making me excited to talk about it. But sprinkled in with the awesome are a few things that are annoying, too, and I'll share those as well.

Some topics will include:

  • Coming to Scala From Java
    • Similarities and Differences
    • Whats Better, What's Worse
  • Using the tools -- The scala repl
  • Scala as an accessible, general-purpose scripting language.
  • Scala as a concise form of Java
  • Functional Programming (Of course)
  • Scala Concurrency with Akka
  • Scala as an impure functional language (mixed functional and imperative) language
  • IDE Support in IntelliJ / Eclipse
  • Scala in the job market.
  • SBT, the "Simple Build Tool" for Scala that's not useable -- or is it?
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