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The Python Baconbits description generator gets a home!
Python Shell
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Chapter 1 How-To

Section 1.1 Installation

Download the latest version from the git repository. Drop the 4 files (,, and in a folder inside your shellpath, or run the provided script, which will install the appropriate binaries in /usr/local/bin. It is suggested to create a directory for user-made scripts in your home directory. We will not go into this in this document.

Section 1.2 Usage

Usage: "MOVIENAME/SERIESNAME" moviefile > Textfile
OR -e 1x5 "TV show name" tv-show-file > Textfile
OR -e s01e05 "TV show name" tv-show-file > Textfile

Section 1.3 Clarification

The MOVIENAME/SERIESNAME is required right now, further versions might make this an optional parameter. The moviefile is required, as this provides the Mediainfo and the 2 screenshots. ">" redirects the output (default STDOUT) to a text file, for easier access, this is not required.

Section 1.4 Help and Bugs

Apollo (The main developer) is usually available on irc (, poke him there to report a bug, or get help with the further usage of the script. This goes for contributing as well.

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