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Knot editor by John Mount
GPL 2 / GPL 3 licese

video introduction here:

The commands are clicked on the kmenu window or typed as a character in
the knotEd window.

QUIT - the obvious
CLEAR KNOT - reset 
READ KNOT - read a knot from a file
save knot - save a knot to a file
write knot string - write the number and signed crossing sequence reperesnting
                    the knot (knotEd is not smart enough to read these back
write braid word - write the twist sequece that represents the braided form
                   of the knot.
READ BAID WORD - read in a braid word as a knot.
troffable output - output troff acceptable output.
adjust hard scale - adjust the scaling factor of hard copy.
adjust curve draw - change number of line segments per curve.
adjust line width - change X's line drawing width
ghost line - display dotted lines where actuall segments are
adjust spline - select spline constant and strategy
spline - draw curved lines for knots
vertex drawing - draw control points
adjust arrow density - change number of arrows drawing
arrow drawig - show orientation of links
REVERSE KNOT - reverse orientation of a link
ADD KNOT+ - add a knot with a +1 label
ADD KNOT- - add a knot with a -1 label
MOVE KNOT - pull a whole link
MOVE ALLL - move all drawn items
ZOOM IN - blow up a portion of the display
ZOOM OUT - retreat the display
NORMAL VIEW - get the knot centered on the screen
knot labeling - display not labels
sign display - display crossing signs
cross tagging - display cross tags after knot string is written
adjust cross width - change underdrawing style
isotopy lock - only allow isotopy preserving moves.
"A" CHANNEL CUT - cut a crossing
PUSH OFF - push a copy of a link off
UNDO - undo last operation
refresh - redraw screen

Finally in the knotEd window the mouse buttons have the following functions:

Left - Pull Knot - grab and move a cotrol point
Middle - Rip Knot - delete a section of the drawing and redraw
Right - Flip string - reverse over/under relation at a crossing.

To run the program compile on Linux running X11 and type "knotEd".

John Mount 


John Mount's 1989 knot editor






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