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-# geofence-server-example
+# Geofence Server in Ruby (a simple example)
This is a simple example project to showcase geofencing with Ruby and Mongo.
-There is a full write-up that can be found on [my blog][1]. If you want to
-know more information on this project, the blog should answer most of your
+There is a full write-up that can be found on [my blog][1].
+## Getting Started
+FIXME: add information for how to start the server with example curl commands
+ and all that hoo-haa.
+## Exploring with the Console
+Once you've played around with the project's web server, you might want to take
+a look at the code. It's rather simple and could serve as a good starting point
+for you. If you really want to get hands one with the application you can start
+up the interactive console:
+ ./console.rb
+Make sure you have ran `bundle` to install all the gems for this project.

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