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Update: I finished everything that I had planned to do... So, unless someone else finds this project interesting, I believe that I am done working on it for now. Mainly because there are better/more-mature projects out there and I hate creating web frameworks in a serious manner without proper justification and "just for fun" isn't a good enough reason to clutter the PHP ecosystem.

If the name of this project isn't enough to let you know what it is, this is a Sinatra clone in PHP. Currently this is not a serious project, just a little something for me to try and learn a little more about PHP.

My background is mainly in Ruby and I have a strong love for Sinatra. So, I'm taking about the task to implement the basic feature-set that is present in Sinatra. Mainly the minimalistic route matching and hooks that Sinatra exposes for whipping up dandy little web-apps/api's very quickly.

Getting Started

A simple hello-world example in good 'ole Sinatra fashion:

# index.php
require 'pinatra.php';

Pinatra::get('/hi', function () { return 'Hello World!'; });
php -S

Before hooks:

// before everything, set a custom header
Pinatra::before('*', function () { header("MyApp: v${version}"); });

// before user's view their profile, force an update of
// their stream (silly example)
Pinatra::before('/user-profile/:id', function($id) {

After hooks:

// update site's hit-counter (also silly, but you get the point right?)
Pinatra::after('*', function () {


This little framework is only compatible with PHP v5.4.x since it was just for fun and I don't care about any sort of backwards compatability.

On the Calendar

The items that I will be adding/implementing next are (roughly) as follows:

  • Parametric URIs (variables actually passed to the handler functions)
  • Refactoring of handle_request function
  • Configuration blocks
  • Testing before and after hooks (working)
  • POST functionality
  • PUT functionality
  • DELETE functionality
  • HEAD functionality


If you actually like the sound of what I plan to do and would like to take it a little further, feel free to send me an email at or just send me a pull-request! :-]


Sinatra clone in PHP



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