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A web app to index and search Twitter Tweets

Demo Link


Birdy is split into 3 parts:

  • Birdy Gather
  • Birdy Frontend
  • Birdy Lucene

Birdy Gather

Birdy Gather is a Node program that uses the Twitter streaming API and stores geotagged Tweets. If a Tweet contains a URL, then Birdy Gather will visit the page and fetch the metadata of that page. To ensure speed, we use a Master/Slave architecture. The master gathers the Tweets and will either write the Tweet directly to disk or pass on the Tweet to a slave for the slave to gather the URLs metadata.

To use Birdy Gather, go inside gather-tweets and type npm install. Afterward, type in npm run prod.

Birdy Frontend

Birdy Frontend is built using Vue.js. It supports searching for Tweets around a location, highlighting matched terms, and hyperlinking URLs and user references.

Birdy Lucene