A searcher and downloader for some Fanfiction websites.
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QJaffis is a Graphical program that serves as a search and download tool for Fanfiction.Net, Fimfiction.Net, and Archiveofourown.org, with a few other additions. This program was developed as a personal tool that I am releasing in case somebody else might find it useful. It is a Qt version of my older program Jaffis ( http://www.qwim.ca/Jaffis/jaffis.html ), and I plan on eventually retiring the wxWidgets based Jaffis. It generally works the same way though, but some parts were re-written from scratch: the page downloader is now properly multithreaded, for one.

It currently lacks proper documentation. Also, the Fanfiction.Net search results update, and the Google search, found in Jaffis, is not in QJaffis.

I make no claims as to the elegance or usefulness of the program. If you wish to report bugs, you can do so, but do not necessarily expect them to be fixed (or even expect a response).

If you wish to build QJaffis, it is currently being developed using Qt Creator 2.8.1 (an older version), with Qt 4.8.7 (also an older version). It has not yet been tested or built on anything except 64 bit Windows).