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  • install LAMPstack on your server. If you are using AWS, here is a tutorial:
  • git clone this repo onto a server
  • copy or symlink the hh2017/php-app/hackerheaven2017/html to your webroot. For apache your webroot will be at /var/www/html
  • Make sure the user(s) apache and/or php runs as have the correct chmod permissions for your webroot
  • create a mysql database using the configurations specified in hh2017/php-app/hackerheaven2017/includes/db_config.php
  • to login to the db do something like mysql --username=USERNAME --host=localhost --password DATABASE_NAME
  • make sure to not allow any MYSQL edit priveleges for mysql user that the php app will be using, or else a participant could pown the db
  • if you get a mysql connection error, make sure you have mysql running by running sudo service mysqld start
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