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Report IP


The gazillionth site that allows people to check their IP address. To add a little bit more beyond the usual, it also does a location lookup based on the IP address, and also dumps out the HTTP headers.

This is a Python App Engine app, with no dependencies on external libraries other than those provided by the App Engine SDK.

A live instance of the app has been deployed to, but as this is an unbilled app that will easily hit the free quota limits, please don't abuse it.

There's a blog post with more info at


  • Properly test the non-HTML output
  • Generate the non-HTML output using proper libraries rather than Django templates - this will help avoid dumb errors with quoting, escaping etc.
  • Have a bit more blurb about what this is.
  • Tart up the front end with some CSS.
  • Save the received info in the datastore
  • Based on the saved info, improve the slightly crap geodata the Google APIs provide e.g. convert "eng" to "England", "london" to "London" etc
  • Register a domain and adjust the branding accordingly
  • Put a timestamp in the content, and set response headers to avoid any risk/confusion of cached output causing confusion
  • The front-end code doesn't make any allowances for crappy old browsers that don't support stuff like
    and querySelectorAll(). I'm quite happy not to support them, but it would be good to detect crappy browsers and redirect to a page suggesting they upgrade.
  • Cursory testing indicates the HTML page looks OK on mobile devices, but it could probably be improved a bit.



A simple GAE-based webapp to report client IP address and geographical details



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