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Public runnable examples of using John Snow Labs' NLP for Apache Spark.
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Spark NLP Workshop

Showcasing notebooks and codes of how to use Spark NLP in Python and Scala.

Table of contents

Docker setup

If you want to experience Spark NLP and run Jupyter exmaples without installing anything, you can simply use our Docker image:

1- Get the docker image for spark-nlp-workshop:

docker pull johnsnowlabs/spark-nlp-workshop

2- Run the image locally with port binding.

 docker run -it --rm -p 8888:8888 -p 4040:4040 johnsnowlabs/spark-nlp-workshop

3- Open Jupyter notebooks inside your browser by using the token printed on the console.


Main repository

Project's website

Take a look at our official spark-nlp page: for user documentation and examples

Slack community channel

Questions? Feedback? Request access sending an email to


If you find any example that is no longer working, please create an issue.


Apache Licence 2.0

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