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Spark-NLP Databricks

Databricks Notebooks

You can view all the Databricks notebooks from this address:

Note: You can import these notebooks by using their URLs.

How to use Spark-NLP library in Databricks

1- Right-click the Workspace folder where you want to store the library.

2- Select Create > Library.

3- Select where you would like to create the library in the Workspace, and open the Create Library dialog:


4- From the Source drop-down menu, select Maven Coordinate: Databricks

5- Now, all available Spark Packages are at your fingertips! Just search for JohnSnowLabs:spark-nlp:version where version stands for the library version such as: 1.8.4 or 2.0.1 Databricks

6- Select spark-nlp package and we are good to go!

More info about how to use 3rd Party Libraries in Databricks

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