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my personal Python app for tracking the data I collect using the Eternity Iphone app, and my GPS logger.


  • incoperate d3.js library
  • make this into a Django project
  • incorperate Scikit-learn Python machine learning library
  • incorperate weather data
  • incorperate financial data
  • incorperate chrome web history
  • write code or find library for parsing .gpx files
  • design schema for new database that incorporates all this data
  • write function that takes each (long,lat,timestamp) data point and automatically assigns itself to the appropriate activity in logs
  • create functions for logically deducing missing values. E.g: if the state patterns are: HOME > DRIVING > MOVIE(length > 2hrs) > DRIVING > HOME then you can likely deduce you saw a movie in the theaters. Note: Mint/Bank financial data can confirm this

NOTE: Run a check to make sure there are no gaps in ids in our SQLITE DB I think I might have deleted a row, and I need to find out which one it was,