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Metro rEFInd theme

rEFInd is a simplistic boot manager for UEFI based systems. This is a clean and minimal theme for it.



  1. Locate your refind EFI directory. This is commonly /boot/EFI/refind though it will depend on where you mount your ESP and where rEFInd is installed. fdisk -l and mount may help.

  2. Create a folder called themes inside it, if it doesn't already exist

  3. Clone this repository into the themes directory.

  4. To enable the theme add include themes/rEFInd-Metro/theme.conf at the end of refind.conf.

Here's an example menuentry configuration

menuentry "Ubuntu" {
	icon /EFI/refind/themes/rEFInd-Metro/icons/os_ubuntu.png
  TODO: Update here once I figure out what goes here

menuentry "Windows" {
	icon /EFI/refind/themes/rEFInd-Metro/icons/os_win.png
	loader /EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi

menuentry "OSX" {
	icon /EFI/refind/themes/rEFInd-Metro/icons/os_mac.png
	loader /EFI/Apple/Boot/bootmgfw.efi

Entries that are autodetected should also show the proper icons.

Planned Changes

Add more OS icons such as Slackware, Ubuntugnome, Xubuntu, and other. (If anyone would like to improve the icons, please feel free to.)

(Possibly) add a better font.


The almost all of the OS icons are from Metro for burg by LuxieBlack.

Some of the icons are from rEFInd-minimalist-black by Anders Fischer-Nielsen or are mofified versions of the default icons.

The rest of icons are from icons8: shutdown and restart.

Artix icon taken from the distros git page.

Deepin icon taken from Wikipedia.

ReactOS icon taken from Aha-Soft from shareicon.net.

KDE neon icon modified from gnome-look.

Solaris icon taken from freebiesupply.com.

Some assets are made by and cherry-picked from LokManSiu's fork of this repository.

The layout to his README is based off of rEFI-minimal by Evan Purkhiser