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rootkit for Ghost

What's added ?

  • Based on the Solar theme by mattvh/solar-theme-ghost
    • Changed mobilemenu to slicknav for mobile navigation
    • Completely re-colored for *nix type goodness
    • Avatar grayscale/color on rollover
    • Makes use of 8-bit type fonts for retro feel
    • Added google adsense support

How to enable Google Analytics, Disqus and Google AdSense ?

Using your favorite editor, and edit the default.hbs file, find

  var setting = {
    baseurl:    '',
    disqus:     'xensoft',
    ga:         'UA-43244208-1',
    gas_client: 'ca-pub-0333905063777933',
    gas_slot:   '8822000487',
    ad_id:      'header'

and set the properties:

  • baseurl The base url of your site, used to help disqus keep track of which comments belong to which page.
  • disques your disqus short name.
  • ga your google analytics tracking code.
  • gas_client your google adsense client code.
  • gas_slot your google adsense ad slot code.
  • ad_id where on your side you would like the ads to appear, by default its appened to tags with the id='header'

After saving the file, you need to restart the ghost server, to make the changes work. And then you're all done!

A stylish theme for Ghost blogs.



  • Two color schemes — One for rootkit Dark and one for rootkit Light. Just swap the reference to the colors-dark.css file with colors-light.css if you don't like light-on-dark.
  • Responsive Design — rootkit adapts to fit any screen size.


  1. Clone the repository and upload the rootkit directory to your Ghost blog's content/themes folder.

  2. Restart Ghost.

  3. Go to the Settings page of the Ghost backend and select rootkit from the Theme dropdown.


Rootkit supports Ghost's logo and cover image features, and will work perfectly fine with or without them. If you wish to upload a cover image, it will appear above the rest of the page. An uploaded logo replaces the textual blog name. (If you later decide you don't want a logo or cover image, you can remove it by clicking on the appropriate option in Settings and selecting the trash can icon.)

Syntax Higlighting

Rootkit uses Prism.js for syntax highlighting, which works in tandem with fenced Markdown code blocks like so:

var t = new Thing("Test!");

Valid language classes include language-markup, language-css, language-javascript, language-ruby, and language-php. Prism.js supports a large range of additional languages (most of which have been included in Solar), as well as generic support for C-like languages.

Syntax Highlighting Screenshot


  • The included modified 'Munro' font needs a major overhaul
    • Make monospaced?
    • Negative space inside letters doesn't show up on all OS/Browser combos


GPLv2 or higher

A fork from mattvh/solar-theme-ghost

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