Mobile Computing Project
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Mobile Computing Project

The frontend folder contains code for the frontend, which uses phonegap on linux for the build. It requires android be installed, and it uses the phonegap toasts plugin. Within this folder, the www directory contains all of my code. The index.html file contains the basic structure of the visible app, while the js folder contains the main app code in the index.js file, it uses the included jquery library, and the pageloaders.js file handles loading things upon entering different views within the app. Within the css directory, style.css defines some style for the frontend.

The backend directory has the code for the nodejs backend. The backend also requires mongodb to be running on port 27017. The backend is accessed through a proxy using apache. The backend uses port 3111, and the nodejs uses the express, bcrypt, and hash libraries. All of the code for the backend is within index.js.