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A simple, modular, multiplatform chatbot.

Currently supports both Facebook, GroupMe, and IRC chatbots.

The idea behind the project is to configure a single chatbot that runs on multiple platforms, with a simple interface for adding new platforms.

Main loads in modules recursively from a given directory. These modules can add commands to the bot, which are run whenever a message contains a command, as well as add handlers to the bot which can read and handle raw messages.

Some of the implemented commands are:

  • !flip - flip a coin and send the results
  • !repeat - repeat the rest of the message
  • !img - send a random valid image from imgur
  • !yt - send the first result for a YouTube search string
  • !list - list all valid commands
  • !help - give information on any valid command
  • !roll - roll an n-sided die a given number of times
  • !wump - play a game of Hunt the Wumpus

Configuration for the chatbot is stored in an encrypted config file. The reason for the encryption is to keep GroupMe API keys secret and Facebook passwords private.


  • pyyaml
  • requests
  • fbchat (at the moment I recommend my fork)
  • lxml
    ... and a few more listed in requirements.txt. To install all dependencies, run pip install -r requirements.txt.


  1. Install all dependencies
  2. Create a config file:
    • Copy the example from the conf directory
    • Populate for your use, saving as conf.dtxt under the conf/ directory (see below). If you only want to use one platform, just completely omit the configurations for the other platforms.
    • Run make PATHTOFILE.etxt or make encrypt if you want to use the default configuration path of conf/conf.etxt.
    • Enter encryption key (this will create conf.etxt in conf/)
  3. Modify main.py to have the proper paths to your modules directory and your configuration file. Do not edit PASSWORD, this will be populated automatically.


For facebook, you need an account for the bot. You should friend your main account, and add the bot to a group chat. Save the username and password for the bot in the corresponding places of the config file.

For groupme, set up the bot, your callback URL is your host / IP followed by your chosen port and a path for the bot. For example, my bot is named WolfratBot, my host is johnbot.me, I listen on port 9999, and the path for WolfratBot is /wrb, so my callback URL is http://www.johnbot.me:9999/wrb.
Then, in the config file, fill out the groupme port number (9999 in my example), the botid (from the dev.groupme website), the path (/wrb in my example), and the bot name (WolfratBot in my example).


  1. Run main.py
  2. Enter encryption key


  • Add support for more messaging services
  • Work on some NLP features